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CodeCogs goes Mobile v0.1

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30 Jul 08, 11:24PM
CodeCogs goes Mobile v0.1
The first steps to taking CodeCogs mobile have been taken.

You can now access a cut-down home page on http://www.codecogs.com/index_mob.php If you're using a mobile phone then you should automatically be redirected to this page.

From our preliminary test most pages do appear reasonably well on a mobile device. However we will now start to gradually optimise the main documentation pages to make them simpler. The assumptions we've taken are this:
  • Users won't be submitting content through a mobile phone (it would be rather slow!)
  • Users won't be purchasing licences through a mobile phone (why would they need the code that urgently?)
  • Users are unlikely to want to register through (you register to submit or buy code)

Therefore we're able to strip away many sections of each page to create a lite page that hopefully loads quickly.

In addition we have been improving the entire site so that it works better when javascript is disabled, as is commonly the case on many mobile devices.

Please report back your experiences.
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