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No Frames

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28 Aug 08, 8:11PM
No Frames
At long last we've given up trying to make a website with Frames, iFrame or anything else that is remotely dynamic. Why? Well trying to develop something that works seamlessly across all browsers with iFrames is a major exercise purely in its self (We occasionally had three scroll bars on the right!). Frames on the other hand just look ugly. In addition the latest W3C standards are trying to phase out all this stuff anyway. We still use iframes for embedding calculators and dynamic graphs, but in these cases they are being used for distinct purposes, rather than for displaying the whole page.

The other issue was that users were often finding our pages, but then didn't realise that there were 100s of other related pages. Hopefully the new design corrects this.

So after a long review of what we were actually trying to do, go backward to a simpler design (much like Wikipedia) seems (so far) to actually be better:
  • As the browser on the left is redrawn each time the page is reloaded, it can now be customize to provide more relevant links that relate to what you're looking at.
  • There is less Javascript; making our pages more cross browser compatible - even for mobiles.
  • The pages actually now load faster. This surprised us, but through clever caching and better file header declarations we can instruct the internet nodes to cache information for us, making the whole site more responsive where-ever you are.
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