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Reliability and Security

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28 Nov 08, 8:51AM
Reliability and Security
Over the last year we've experienced several failures of the network connected to our previous server - hosted by ServerPoint. More recently the motherboard to our machine also failed and its only at time like this that you really start the appreciate how good or bad (in our case) your provider is.

Therefore after a little research we've decided to switch companies all together to 'The Planet' (http://www.theplanet.com/ ). So far we've been utterly amazed at the quality of their service, prompt replies of phone calls, emails, etc. Furthermore they're answered by experts who generally know what their talking about and is keen to help. Even when the software we're using is outside of their usual sphere of packages, they help us dig around and understand the problems. Perhaps this is what you should always expect, but we've had anything but this level and quality of service before.

Time off course will tell. But for now we hope CodeCogs will be available 100% of the time (particularly important for our web services) and it'll also be more secure and stable. To ensure our identity while maintain your security we have signed up with Comodo and you'll now see that any information sensitive pages you visit are delivered through the secure https service.
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