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Equations plugin for CK Editor

CodeCogs\′s Photo
27 Mar 11, 9:22AM
(3 replies)
Equations plugin for CK Editor
A new Equation Editor plugin for CK Editor has been released.

For more details go to:

In addition the Tiny MCE plugin moves out of Beta, with v1.1 released. An update to the FCK Editor plugin is also available. Both are highly recommended upgrades that contains a number of bug fixes and performance tweaks.
ciro\′s Photo
26 Jul 11, 12:15PM
Nice plugin. But one problem: if the users clicks in Editor button, before click in the editor (makes cursor appears), the button "Copy to editor" doesn't works. Anyone with this problem?
CodeCogs\′s Photo
26 Jul 11, 4:05PM
This sounds like a bug.

You can use one editor toolbar with multiple input areas. So when you select a input area the equation editor changes the target. It is supposed to automatically default to the first input area on the page.

Can you provide a little more back ground. What browser and OS are you using?

Thanks for reporting this.
ciro\′s Photo
26 Jul 11, 4:53PM

I'm in Windows 7, testing via Chrome. I also updated the code, for debug.

In line: oEditor.CKEditor_Add(text); Updated to:
oEditor.CKEDITOR.instances['msg_text'].insertHtml('<img src="' + encodeURI(text) + '">');return false;

This works!
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