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Update - v2.1.6.0 (RC2)

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8 Jan 12, 11:02PM
Update - v2.1.6.0 (RC2)
This is a significant enhancement to Excel Render for all version of Excel.

We recommend everyone upgrades.

Error Fixes

  • Small equation now render correctly.
  • Conversion of LaTeX using the '=' button now works as expected.
  • Sheet names in non English languages don't convolute the rendered equation when referencing equations on the same sheet.
  • Resolved incorrect use of subscripts in some equations.
  • Improved colouring of cell references within equation.
  • Hidden Excel Formulas now reappear when the equations are deleted. This feature happens when, for example, you press the '=' sign to convert say \alpha into the greek symbol that appears in the same square. Now when you delete one or more equations using the delete buttons, the hidden effect is removed. This does however now happen if you use the delete key on the keyboard. We're still looking for a way to over-ride the delete key when you have an equation selected, but in the mean time we recommend you always use dedicated toolbar to delete equations.

New Features / Improvements

  • Sheet names are shown in upright Roman font.
  • Improved formatting of left hand side of formulas, when the assignment button is selected.
  • Can now define names/headers above a matrix rather than just to the left. Vertical cell reference ranges (i.e. C10:C15) automatically look for name/header above the range.

Thanks as always for the enormous amount of feedback and suggestions that we've received.

To help explain how Excel Renders processes different equations we'll be adding an Examples pages to CodeCogs shortly.
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