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Excel Render v3

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10 Dec 12, 5:46PM
Excel Render v3
The all new Excel Render (v3) is now available, which works offline.

The latest version of Excel Render is now available. This has been extensively updated and tested over the last 6 months, to create our most advanced yet simplest version ever.

Notable changes include:
  • New offline rendering of beautiful equations - while still supporting the wonderfully rich LaTeX notation for maths.
  • Enhanced recognition of variable names, including support for recognising headings for formulas within tables.
  • New Number and String search feature, that helps you find constants within your formulas.
  • New colour highlighting of A1 cell references so they are not confused with names cells.
  • New reset button that restores existing equations to their default states.
  • and well over 200 other minor improvements.

Please visit http://www.codecogs.com/products/excel_render/about.php to find out more.

And read http://www.codecogs.com/products/excel_render/excel2010/usage.php to learn about all the new functionality.

Tutorials and further example pages will be released shortly.
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