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Excel Render v3.0.3

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3 Jan 13, 3:48PM
Excel Render v3.0.3
A new version of Excel Render is now available

New features include
  • Suport for 16 font styles, from Arial to Vrinda. We don't allow all system fonts, as some are totally impractical for the purpose. However if users have specific fonts they would like to use then please let us know.
  • A new Default font option, which uses the font from the selected cell.
  • The default color for an equation now adopts the color from the selected cell. e.g.. if your Excel formula is shown in red, then the equation will appear mostly in red.
  • New font analysis engine that dramatically improved the alignment of superscripts and subscripts, ensuring there is always adequate space between text elements.

Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a bug with the alignment of coloured text.
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