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Display "Name" Equation and "Values" side by side

tranquillity\′s Photo
10 Jan 13, 12:49AM
(2 replies)
Display "Name" Equation and "Values" side by side
I would like to be able to display both the equation formula and the values in that formula side by side to make checking of equations easier. eg.

Is there a way to do this using the current version or could this feature be added to the next version?
CodeCogs\′s Photo
10 Jan 13, 8:48AM
What a great idea. It is not currently a feature but a simply workaround is:

Generate the first equation form you want. Click on the rendered equation and copy it (Ctrl+C). Generate the second form of the equation you want, then paste back the first equation (Ctrl+V).


I'll push to see if we can not add something to the next release, which should be available in a few weeks - along with support for a wider range of languages. There are a few technical challenges, but the main issue I see is how to adjust the interface to make this easy / obvious, without breaking the simplicity of the current system.

If you have any thoughts on this, then please let us know. Currently the thinking is either:
  • we use the Ctrl key to allow either of the three main buttons to be permanently toggle on/off. If on, then when used in conjunction with one of the others they'll show both (or all three) forms of the equation in the order Ref, Name, Value.
  • we allow the 'delete' button to be toggle. If toggled 'off' (whatever that might look like) then selection of a new rendering form won't delete the previous equation.
tranquillity\′s Photo
10 Jan 13, 10:11PM
An idea I have for implementing the new system is have the existing buttons always on a toggle on/off mode and introduce one more "render equation" button which looks at which of the "ref" "name" "value" "units" or "x=" buttons are checked and builds the equation based on that.
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