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fxRender v3.0.7.0

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4 May 13, 3:37PM
fxRender v3.0.7.0
We're please to announced the latest release of fxRender (new Name for Excel Render). This is an essential update for all users.

Over the last few months we have been fighting with the development of a new installer for fxRender (using Wix), so there is now a simpler and centralised way of installing fxRender for all versions of Excel. I would love to be able to say this has gone smoothly; but sadly not. There has been many long nights and a lot of frustration as we have fought to understand all the idiosyncrasies of Microsoft Excel across various versions of Windows. Even now we're not entirely there, as we're unhappy that some users still require Admin privileges just because their system administrators messed up the installation of Excel! But we should resolve this soon.

We appreciate that some users have been frustrated by our Installer, but please bare with us.

Aside form the installer, fxRender has also undergone a number of tweaks and performance improvements. These include:
  • Improved recognition of column or row heading, correcting an error where a single peace of text above a formula could be classified as a header.
  • [Major bug fix] Correction of an error with fractions and superscripts. i.e. =(A1/A2)^2 was incorrectly shown before.
  • [Major bug fix] Correction the alignment of superscripts
  • Improved spacing of fractions, adding additional vertical space.
  • Improved use of brackets, to make the rendered equations as simply as possible to read.
  • New graphics for some of buttons - more to come
  • New automatic upgrade feature (you'll see a new upgrade button when your version is out of date)
  • And as always a collection of other minor programming tweaks to improve performance and reliability.

Thanks as always,

The CodeCogs team
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