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Brackets & Display Units

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bosko\′s Photo
17 Aug 14, 11:51PM
(2 replies)
Brackets & Display Units
Hi CodeCogs,

Two in a row :)

I followed 'Example 2' step by step and was not able to replicate it exactly.


The backets around (r_o - r_i) do not render and the "display units" does not seem to display the unit mm^3.

I'm on win 8.1 with excel 2013 both 64 bit using

Thank you again!

P.S. Note the sub-script of 1 again...
CodeCogs\′s Photo
25 Aug 14, 6:40PM
Ok, there is definitely a bug here with the brackets, which we're looking at now.

However, I'm unable to replicate the generation of the subscripts. Are your titles in column A, bold?

If not would you be able to send us your Excel sheet to support@codecogs.com

Thanks Will
CodeCogs\′s Photo
25 Aug 14, 10:37PM
This has been fixed in the latest release

Thank you for reporting this issue.
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