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CodeCogs\′s Photo
25 Aug 14, 6:33PM
Regarding your second issue with Values. This is also by design and again you can adjust this within Settings->Options.

Personally we think its rather odd when you select the Value buttons that it says 123=100+23, since invariable you already know the value since thats shown in the cell. But we can see this might be useful for some so you can set this in the options.

Regarding changing the text within 'Text' view and going back to EMF format and hoping to see this change, I'm afraid that isn't supported directly as you've tried it. The 'Text' view of the core equation is exactly that, its representation of the equation in LaTeX format. Now if you what to hand craft your own equation if you copy that text from 'Text' view, then paste this into a new cell, making sure you add a single quote at the start, then render by pressing the 'x=' button in the top left, you'll get what you wished for.

Unfortunately the tutorials are a little our of date, but we will try to address this in the next month.

Thanks for some great questions.
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