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fxRender v4.1.0.6

CodeCogs\′s Photo
6 Oct 14, 11:36AM
(1 reply)
fxRender v4.1.0.6
Version of fxRender has been released. This addresses several inconsistencies and bugs:
  • Missing brackets when rendering in Text Mode.
  • New LaTeX output mode
  • Better row and column header identification within tables.
  • Erase now restores text hidden by the 'x=' button.

We're also excited to report a new experimental function, Fx(), that ensures rendered equations always stay up to date.

As an example, assuming you have an equation in Cell A1, which is '=(1+2)/3'. Then add the following equation to any other blank cell ' =Fx(A1,"v")' and you'll see the rendered form of the equation generated on the right. Go back and change the formula in A1 and see the rendered form immediately update.

Perfect for creating a mathematics test sheet, with randomly generated examples, or for simply ensuring your engineering workings are always current.

To learn more about the this and other fxRender features see our updated help page: http://www.codecogs.com/products/formula_render/usage.php
tranquillity\′s Photo
28 Jan 15, 3:45AM
I have installed v4.1.0.7 of fxRender but I do not seem to be able to use the "=Fx()" function. When i try to use it I get a "#NAME?" error indicating that the funciton does not exist. Is there some steps I need to take in order to use the function?

Note: I am using excel 2013
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