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LaTex rendering not working since three days

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9 Apr 20, 1:53PM
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LaTex rendering not working since three days
Hello, does anybody know more details? Rendering of LaTex thru API as well as thru the Codecogs editor (TinyMCE integration) sometimes works but more often doesn't. We get back empty rendering, sometimes our API-calls go into a loop and we get the browser message, that the site is not available. Are there any restrictions since implementation of an update those days? Because everything has been working with us for about 4 years, but suddenly we have extreme problems. Maybe this is due to licensing?
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1 May 20, 6:53PM

We've been making a major update to the service. The first phase is now complete so you should find the system is substantially faster and more reliable then ever before. We'll continue to make minor adjustments over the next few weeks and continue vigorous testing. Unfortunately the only way we were able to full test the new system was by bringing over the live platform in burst to see how the new platform would handle the load.

All the best Codecogs
meinolfmueller\′s Photo
2 May 20, 5:33AM
Hello, yes that's fine. But still not working: If you click the above button "fx" to open the Codecogs Editor, the system doesn't react. The opened window remains empty. Regards M. Mller
jmaro197\′s Photo
3 May 20, 11:17AM
I have the same issue. It stopped working on my production site. I cannot create new equations or even edit existing ones. Is there an ETA for the fix?

Thank you, Joe.
jmaro197\′s Photo
3 May 20, 11:53AM
My online testing site is impacted really bad. I am losing customers. My equations are all showing "Blank Equation" in red font. They are all broken. I really need help to resolve this issue.
xaveirleorio\′s Photo
3 May 20, 1:24PM
Same problem these days. When the input is more than 3 or 4 words, the render output just says "Blank equation" or "Invalid equation"
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