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CodeCogs\′s Photo
18 Dec 07, 8:55PM
I've introduced a number of changes: a) A new image with the same name as the old will now be renamed with a number appended to the end until the image name is unique. i.e. if you have fred.gif already on the system, an add another image called fred.gif, the second will become fred_1.gif. Adding another will create fred_2.gif and so on.

b) You can no longer click 'Insert into Text' until you have selected an image.

c) If you want to change an existing, goto the documentation page when it is shown, click to edit the page and either in 'Preview/Confirm' or 'Analysis' you will see an option to replace any images that already exist.

Remember, you may find it easier when writing documentation, to hard code in the image name that you want to use - particularly if your original images have obscure names. For example, if you type:
\image 1/fred.gif
Then if 'fred.gif' doesn't already exist the system will show a box in the image location and prompt you for a new image.

Hope this helps and thanks again for your feedback.
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