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Anti Spam

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27 Jan 08, 5:13PM
Anti Spam
Our email system now allows people on other websites to contact you, without revealing your contact details. This system works by using a simple link, that connects to the CodeCogs web-based email form, which in turn forwards the email to your designated email account. Because our email form requires the emailer to read a collection of disfigured letters (word verification) and we also look out for known spam IPs, then we're able to illuminate spam to our users.

Once you have logged in, select the "MyCogs" tab at the top of the page and you'll see the details behind the unique link we've established for you.

If you would like to trial this system, send me an email:<a href="http://www.codecogs.com/mailto=will~e75eb5f29a">Email William</a> !!

The Background

When we first started CodeCogs, we made the mistake of placing an email address on the website that users could use to contact us. While it was handy for our users, we also got a barrage of spam emails trying to sell us every kind of s## aids known to man kind. Several years ago I also posted my personal email address on a forum and unsurprisingly this email account now receives around 300 spam emails a day (and its growing!).

Like cutting yourself with a knife, I won't be doing that again. However more recently I wanted to invite feed back from a story I posted but how? Setting up once only bogus email address is a pain, plus they expire. Google and Yahoo emails are a good alternative - leave them to deal with the spam!; but I would still rather have all my emails go into one central place.

So we've invented the system discussed above. Granted it is a little complicated for someone to use initially, but they only have to use this system once to make an initial contact, then we can converse through our regular email systems.

Hopefully you'll also find it useful. Will.

p.s. In case you wondering, CodeCogs does not and never will send out any spam emails; we will never sell your personal details to anyone; and we will never reveal your email address to any other users.
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